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We begin with an adoption process that considers your family values, lifestyle and philanthropic goals.



MabCredit Wealth management

Environmental Stewardship


How We Act

Responsible investments should begin with a consistent commitment to being a responsible firm.

The integration of ESGs and collaborations is critical to our effective investment and research processes.

Using our vision as a firm and a responsible investor, we have created Portfolios with the aim of delivering the same result.

Global stocks rose in the first quarter, but volatile trading patterns reminded investors that the road to normalcy would be bumpy. By carefully considering the risks involved, equity investors can prepare for the next phase of recovery from the epidemic.

Value Stock Recovery Continues Amid Volatile Style Rotation

Important industries are very sustainable. Automatic sales and smartphones re-emerged, while restaurants filled the tables again. To be sure, some sectors are still struggling, such as travel and leisure. Overall, however, the core of Chinese business has not been hit as hard as other countries. As a result, wage reviews in China have been relatively modest.

Chinese Equities Benefit From Early Acquisition, Incentive Power

MabCredit Trading

Ensuring positive results for our customers is central to all the decisions we make.

Algorithmic Trading Solutions

Our comprehensive list of advanced in-house algorithms and layout solutions can be customized to meet individual needs. The MC Execution Research team provides advice and analysis as well as solutions to maximize client profits.

High-Touch Trading

The MabCredit high quality sales team uses our global network of institutional customers to earn natural money. A loyal partner to our customers, orders are treated with the same care and diligence as a side buyer who manages his orders. Our High-Touch Trader Team works closely with our Sector Professionals and the research team listed above to deliver briefly focused content that influences trading decisions.

Portfolio Trading

Our knowledgeable international portfolio trading team assists with the planning and implementation of cash flows, estimates and transitions. Our global trading platform helps to balance globalization.


The MabCredit's Equity Derivatives team is working with clients to help improve their performance while minimizing risk. The team provides clients with first-rate exit strategies and use of stock options, ETFs and global indicators.

Fixed Income Trading

We have relationships with many accounts around the world, including the world's largest hedge funds and asset management accounts. This network enables us to provide the best revenue and performance for our customers. We specialize in securities issued by financial services companies, Emerging Market banks and specialized conditions, with an emphasis on illegal and subordinate tools.

Trading Strategy Services

The team of MabCredit's Portfolio Trading Strategy provides customers with a personal service to assist our clients with portfolio design, transformation and ongoing risk assessment. The team provides tools for the Mabcredit Cube app which includes risk analysis, portfolio creation and previous trading analysis. Significant market indicators and liquidity events are also analyzed.

Developing Various Talents To Lead Us Ahead

We believe in delivering the best for all our people, so we offer leadership development programs tailored to the needs of each party.

Workforce diversity

We focus on attracting diverse talented people by maintaining a strong employer brand and expanding where and how we meet potential prospective employees. We employ disadvantaged communities, including women, people of color, people with disabilities and people with a military background, among others.

Inclusive workplace

Our business is designed to help people manage their financial future, and the same applies to our people. We invest in our employees and their future by building a culture of support, teamwork, flexibility and balance.

Ongoing development

Robust benefits

Modern workspaces

Veteran support

Connected… Committed

What unites a global investment and research company? Communicating with our customers, our culture, each other and the communities we serve. This unity fosters cooperation and empowers us to pursue a common goal — to bring about better results

Dedicated Focus


Asset Management

New global client solutions from individual investors to major global institutions.


MabCredit Research

Independent, in-depth sell-side research and marketing services for institutional investors.


MabCredit Private
Wealth management

Provide investment strategies, investment planning and risk management services.


Creating communities targeted by ERGs

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are employee-driven and provide support, leadership, development opportunities, and connection to our diverse employee base. Our ERGs are made up of employees who share characteristics or life experiences and are committed to enhancing diversity and inclusion at mabcredit.

Opportunities to learn and grow

We encourage our people to invest their money and get involved in long-term professional development, so we recoup the cost of authorized business-related education and training. And that’s why we offer informal advice from managers and partners to help people get on-the-job training and support.

Improves ESG integration and collaboration.

We feel that the close collaboration between our equity groups and statutory revenue research and portfolio groups gives us a complete view of the issuers.

Who We Are: The MC Workforce

Commitment to Industrial Climate Leadership

The Active

Responsible investment in MC Driven by investors

Responsible Investing at MC Is Investor-Driven

In order to implement our commitment strategy and measure its progress, we have created a structure that reflects our full commitment to our commitment, from the Accountability Steering Committee to ESG analysts and investors and the infrastructure that supports them.


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