Advancing Responsibility

MC is committed to being an honest company — in the way we do things and the way we invest. We will act without hesitation to ensure that the path of responsibility goes up.

Our Vision of Business Commitment

At MC, we view responsibility as an effective function that integrates all aspects of our firm — from the way we operate and conduct ourselves to our public service and to the investment solutions we bring to our clients. Whether you are an international institution, a financial advisor or a high-value person, we are committed to being the most important partner.

Responsible investments should begin with a consistent commitment to being a responsible firm.

The integration of ESGs and collaborations is critical to our effective investment and research processes.

Using our vision as a firm and a responsible investor, we have created portfolios that aim to deliver the expected results for investors.

Requires More Than

In our view, it is impossible to separate the perceptions of corporate responsibility from responsible investments. We must consistently commit to being a responsible firm in order to be truly responsible investors.

We Act Responsibly

We are firmly committed to advancing our efforts as a responsible firm.

We Invest Responsibly

We fully integrate ESG considerations into our investment plan and design objective-driven solutions.

Environmental Stewardship

We are working to reduce our impact on the global environment — rethinking our business activities in order to utilize a few valuable global resources. We are also working to establish appropriate science-driven natural metrics and MC objectives.

Social Responsibility

We strive to be a very strong, diverse and inclusive company, that promotes corporate social behavior and is always connected to our many communities.

Corporate Governance

Our business model is built on a strong culture of risk management, risk-taking intelligence and a strong management framework that continues to change in the context of our limited partnership.

$760 Million

in Portfolios with Purpose

Responsible Investing

As responsible investors, we consider the environmental conduct of every company we research. It is important that we turn that lens around, examine the impact it has on the environment — and how we can become better environmental stewards.

Responsible Investing at MC Is Investor-Driven

In order to implement our commitment strategy and measure its progress, we have created a structure that reflects our full commitment to our commitment, from the Accountability Steering Committee to ESG analysts and investors and the infrastructure that supports them.

The Active

We are active investors, and collaboration is essential to our program. Each year, MC analysts consult with company leaders and non-corporate organizations, including municipalities, major providers and the private sector. We also engage selectively in our representative voting activities.
Integration in Action
ESG Integration is about carefully considering how the assets of ESG have an impact on a company's investment interest.

How Does Engagement Make a Difference?


Engagement Campaign Report

In 2020, MC launched its first, targeted ESG Engagement campaign that focused on ESG metrics on high compensation and climate risk objectives and disclosures. MC portfolio managers and analysts joined our more than 350 large sums of money to take action, asking companies to improve current processes or adopt new ones.


Reducing Modern Slavery Risks

Modern slavery is a complex problem, and dealing with it requires a constantly changing process. At MC, we are committed to reducing the risk of slavery associated with labor and the supply chain of companies we invest in. modern slavery.

Engaging with Issuers on COVID-19

Collaboration has always been an important part of our investment process, as we work to better understand the behavior of the issuers' ESG and, increasingly, stand for change. By 2020, we attended more than 12,500 meetings, which included producer-specific discussions and strategic strategic collaborations.

By 2020, the affected communities are COVID-19, economically and industrial, so getting involved in epidemic issues is crucial in discussions with management groups — as well as traditional topics such as compensation and carbon emissions. We want to make sure that hackers are well-to-do citizens and better understand the opportunities and threats.

Responsible Investing at MabCredit

Science and

MC investment experts are working with climate experts at Columbia University's Earth Institute to translate climate science into investment analysis. The program has produced the first climate change of its kind and an influential investment curriculum, "Climate Science and Portfolio Risk." The study project fills a great need for the property management industry to delve deeper into the problems of climate change and how it affects economic and financial outcomes. Classes cover the dangers of global climate change — including rising sea levels — as well as extreme weather forecasts, wildfires, and other threats from the tropics. The main goal is to better understand the impacts of climate change and to apply this understanding to investment decisions. We are excited to partner with the Earth Institute in using climate science to drive better results.
ESG Integration and Collaboration Improves Investment Decisions
ESG considerations are financial considerations, and should be included in an in-depth basic research. Because the features of ESG can have a financial impact, ignoring them leaves the puzzle unfinished. The integration of ESG into MC is driven by investors — because investors are in a very good position to do the in-depth basic research needed to really understand how ESG issues affect securities. Proprietary tools and programs enhance ESG collaboration, research and collaboration between our global team of analysts, responsible investment professionals and portfolio managers.

By 2020, we partnered with more than 350 large assets to operate, asking companies to improve current processes or adopt new ones.

ESG Integration

The features of the ESG are fully integrated into our investment plan.

ESG Engagement

As active investors, we encourage firms to improve their business operations and operations.

Portfolios with Purpose

We are managing US $ 106 million in portfolio on purpose today, which is one of the fastest growing parts of our business. We also carry US $ 215 million worth of assets using ESG integration with other enhancements.


It seeks to make a measurable social or environmental impact

Muni Impact

A fixed-income strategy that invests in historically marginalized and low-socioeconomic-status communities throughout the US. Each investment has a specific intention of reducing a societal disparity (e.g., education, health, clean water) between groups.


Seek out suppliers who meet current needs without compromising future welfare

Sustainable Thematic Platform

Including equity portfolios, fixed income and bulk assets invested in companies whose products and services contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These portfolios focus on three themes: climate, health and empowerment.


Policy-based solutions have a binding policy and a traditional risk / recovery policy

Goal-Based Strategies

Include Global ESG Improvers focused on ESG development and positive global change, low carbon versions of our outstanding equity offerings, and REUSE — a diversified portfolio of large-scale equity equity investments evolving with corporate responsibility.

Collaborate, Explore, Advance

Proprietary Research Collaboration Platforms

We have created forums that promote collaboration between our analysts internally and across all categories of assets as we research and interact with suppliers.

Our ESG research platform for static income, PRISM, provides independent ESG evaluation and investment decision-making schools. The goal, of course, is straightforward: better and faster information should empower better decisions and result in stronger portfolios.


ESIGHT is our one-stop online store where all MC investment groups can access and add proprietary information about ESG business processes. By 2020, we have introduced a number of enhancements, including the ESG information center, the COVID-19 study and the country's fixed income points.

Fighting for Industrial Leadership in Investment Commitment

We are committed to helping the asset management industry move forward with responsible investment. Our commitment is evidenced by our practical history and membership in regulatory organizations and industries and programs.

History of Our Commitment