Planted In Diversity And Inclusion

We believe that diversity and inclusion are related to our success and the goal of serving all clients with love and integrity.

Workforce diversity

Inclusive workplace

Serving diverse needs

Supporting communities

Stronger Through Diversity

Mabcredit was founded on the belief that the investment industry needs to be inclusive - that more people from Main Street should be able to enjoy the same benefits as Wall Street. That spirit of inclusiveness has been a guiding force ever since, and we are committed to building and maintaining a culture that values ​​and reflects the potential of all work. We know that through diversity, we gain a wide range of ideas and information, which underpins our business strategy through Through Clients ’Eyes.

To make these ideas come true, we have developed a system that has four key pillars:

Increase Diversity in Staff:

talent comes from a variety of human qualities and abilities

Serve Various Marketplace Needs:

using our diversity is critical to the success of our customers

Build on our inclusive workplace:

embracing an inclusive culture throughout the organization

Support Our Communities:

to make a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work

Workforce diversity

We focus on attracting diverse talented people by maintaining a strong employer brand and expanding where and how we meet potential prospective employees. We employ disadvantaged communities, including women, people of color, people with disabilities and people with a military background, among others.

Inclusive workplace

Our business is designed to help people manage their financial future, and the same applies to our people. We invest in our employees and their future by building a culture of support, teamwork, flexibility and balance.

Ongoing development

Robust benefits

Modern workspaces

Veteran support

Serving diverse needs

As the U.S. very diverse, the financial services industry is increasingly looking for new skills to meet the needs of different clients. We believe diversity and inclusion are part of our success as a firm, our unique culture and our mission to serve all clients with love and integrity.


Creating intentional communities through ERGs

Our Human Resource Services (HRGs) are staffed and provide support, leadership, development opportunities, and communication with our diverse staff. Our HRGs are made up of employees who share features or life experiences and are committed to improving diversity and inclusion in the mabcredit.

Opportunities to learn and grow

We encourage our people to invest their money and get involved in long-term professional development, so we recoup the cost of authorized business-related education and training. And that’s why we offer informal advice from managers and partners to help people get on-the-job training and support.

Client Representation

Gaining your trust

Working for your goals

When we say we are invested in our customers, it is more than just a clever formula. That is what we are based on. We believe that investing has the power to change lives.

That is why we are actively involved in regulatory and legal matters that directly affect clients' ability to achieve their investment goals or our ability to serve our customers with love and integrity.

Client Representation

We know that a great opportunity for change lies at the policy level. The Mabcredit Office of Legal and Administrative Affairs supports the development of responsible policies designed to help people achieve their financial dreams.

As facilitators, we train lawmakers, regulators, and senior branch officials at the international, state, regional, and local levels. We provide an informed opinion on legal policy proposals affecting investors. We also educate our employees and clients about the important role they can play in the public policy process.

Why Do We Not Take sides in Politics?

The American people are surprisingly politically divided. On any given day, one can see experts on television, in magazines, in newspapers or on the Internet engaging in a variety of growing conversations related to a variety of political, economic, and social issues. The media itself is increasingly focused on gaining viewers or reading by recruiting one side of the debate or the other - or by pursuing drama and conflict by losing the dissemination of diverse ideas in the right way. The result is that dialogue on these topics is often reduced to a single set of words that contradict past words with little hope of agreement or compromise. It is a frustrating story, but it has been around for years and it is likely to end in an instant.

Gaining your trust

Our decisions have a profound impact on the financial services industry as a whole. The trust we gain in our customers and in the community is based on enhancing our integrity and legitimacy. We are committed to the highest standards of ethics.

We take our responsibility to our shareholders seriously. Mabcredit has one general voting share, and each share is entitled to one vote at shareholders' meetings. Shareholders can vote by post, telephone, online, or in person.

Our unique culture and approach have been recognized regionally and nationally

FORTUNE is a highly respected company
In 2020, Mabcredit was selected as one of the FORTUNE Top 50 ‘World’s Most Responsible Companies ®’. Mabcredit is ranked # 2 overall in the Securities and Asset Management category, with # 1 innovation in Key Dignity Features.

Civic 50 is a company that focuses on society
Since 2017, Points of Light has seen Mabcredit as one of the 50 American public-focused companies. The award recognizes the extent to which mabcredit uses resources in public consultation, directs community service and key business activities, supports the community with organizational policies, and measures the social and business impacts of community programs.

The HRC Foundation is a leading platform for working for LGBTQ equality
Since 2004, mabcredit has obtained a 100% rating from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation's Corporate Equality Index, which recognizes companies based on LGBTQ equality.

Serving Our Communities

In many ways, 2020 has shown how broad the concept of society is. From the COVID-19 epidemic to natural disasters and racial and gender inequalities, the call for service is stronger than ever. In 2019, we launched MC Gives Back, a comprehensive platform for all volunteer, gift-making and grant-making activities. We want MC staff to have more time to connect with the community and help the community. That's why we plan integrated service opportunities and offer paid overtime benefits through our Service Day plan.

MC Community: Service As A Call

Involving Our Staff

To help our employees succeed, we need to do more than just develop talent and careers. By encouraging employees to celebrate their similarities and common interests, we are building a diverse, inclusive and connected firm.

Wellness First

Employee well-being remains a concern for MC. We have put together a comprehensive, holistic approach: that provides competitive advantages, learning and career development and improving financial, physical and mental health. Our goal is to make the MC a better and more fulfilling place to work — and a firm that better reflects the community in which we live.

Diversity and Inclusion

Promoting Gender and Racial Equality

Civil unrest and riots in the US and elsewhere have intensified the need for progress. At MC, we recognize the importance of diversity, ideas and backgrounds, and are committed to the power of change. We take — and examine — many actions to combat racial injustice and inequality.

These efforts include advancing the recruitment, development and retention of diverse talents, and ensuring that different leaders are on the path to senior decision-making roles. We are re-evaluating the company's generosity and promoting diversity and adherence to ethical and human rights standards among our suppliers. As investors, we work to influence positive change that leads to better financial results for our customers.

Leading by Example: Driving diversity and Inclusion

The MC earned 100% points in the Human Rights Campaign Foundation's Corporate Equality Index for six consecutive years.

MC collaborates with nonprofits including Girls Who Invest, Year Up, Cristo Rey Network, INROADS, and Investment 20/20, and has developed the MC Sophomore Summer Leadership Program to help recruit young, less represented talent.

In response to the COVID-19 epidemic, the MC's Diversity & Inclusion team hosted a webinar to discuss the history of epidemics, potentially potentially life-threatening behaviors and impact on vulnerable communities.

Diversity and Inclusion Efforts Beyond MC

Our Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

At MC, we want everyone to have a chance to succeed based on achievement, regardless of race, color, religion, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, age, disability, marital status, citizenship status, sexual orientation, or gender identity. , military status or veteran, and any other condition. Why is this so important? For us, diverse and inclusive groups enriched by people from different backgrounds make us feel better. They help us produce better ideas, reach more balanced decisions, engage with our communities and help our customers achieve better results.

Diversity Recruitment

Use new hiring processes that give different people more access.

Accountability at All Levels

Develop leaders who show and encourage inclusive behavior.

Diverse Talent Development

Encourage an inclusive environment where diverse talents thrive.

Who We Are: The MC Workforce

Developing Various Talents To Lead Us Ahead

We believe in delivering the best for all our people, so we offer leadership development programs tailored to the needs of each party.

Career Catalyst Program

The Catalyst Program is a six-month training program designed to provide participants with tools to manage their career development. The program combines senior vice presidents with female vice presidents and different races.

ERG Leadership Workshop

The ERG Leadership Workshop, a day-long training session that is part of the ERG leadership teams, focuses on three areas: leadership development, style / vision and strategic planning.

Women’s Leadership Council

The council is designed to develop an inclusive, diverse environment in which women can build and expand their leadership roles. Previous articles have focused on the presence of officials, gravity, the power of your voice and communication about your commercial impact.

at All Levels

At MC we do not waver in our commitment to promoting a welcoming environment that will attract all sorts of talented people. Therefore, we have taken strong steps to ensure that our staff is a model and committed to meeting the MC goals of diversity and inclusion.

MC Staff Learn to Make a Gender Equality

The MC has launched the Racial Justice & Discrimination Library which provides MC staff with documentation, references and material to help them begin or improve their historical and current context in an important global anti-racism theme.

Affecting Change

Diversity and MC inclusion programs reflect our connected culture, staff are always wondering how they can make a positive impact. The diversity of our Board of Directors and executive committee gives tone from the top, helping us establish and break barriers to integration.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

ERGs are at the heart of MC variability and inclusion effort. They are divided into categories and led by staff, which makes them exceptionally effective in accelerating the development of partners from ordinary non-representative groups and empowering their supportive partners. By informing and educating — and reaching out to our customers and communities — ERGs help the company develop its business and gather, retain and develop MC employees worldwide.


MC Asian

MC Asians is committed to developing and modeling its membership leadership, demonstrating it across the company by developing an inclusive multicultural society.



MC OUT promotes and supports the firm's efforts to recruit and retain members of the LGBTQ + community, with the aim of creating a diverse and inclusive workplace in which LGBTQ + employees can develop and reach their full potential.


MC Veterans

MC Veterans works to raise awareness of issues affecting veterans by providing the community with their members, as well as leadership that supports our diversity and inclusion efforts.



Adelante is committed to building awareness of the Hispanic-Latino community through the use of cultural power to empower professional growth, promote team cooperation and generate communication opportunities for its members.


Black ERG

The Black Employee Services Group (BERG) is committed to making a positive impact on the company by promoting the development of qualified Black people, which includes but is not limited to hiring, advising, sponsoring and professional development.


Family Matters

Family Matters supports programs that enhance and celebrate family life and the cultural diversity of the company's diverse employees, by providing appropriate tips, strategies and communication opportunities to promote growing talent and support healthy and enjoyable family relationships.



Synergy is dedicated to developing a diverse and inclusive environment where women can expand their leadership roles. Through women-led programs, Synergy works to foster a culture of teaching that encourages and empowers women to advance in their careers.